My name is Casey Flynn and I am a student of theology and social work at Iliff School of Theology and the University of Denver. I will graduate in June 2017 and plan to pursue further academic work in religious studies. The title of my Master of Theological Studies thesis is “Rites of Unkowing: The Apophatic Theurgy of Dionysius the Areopagite and the Role of Apologetic Bias in Dionysian Scholarship.” I am deeply drawn to apophatic and negative fleming-1theologies.

I am also ordained in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism. My home temple is Hakubai Temple in Boulder, Colorado, where I sit and attend yearly sesshin (extended meditation retreats). I consider myself to be something of a theistic Buddhist, or theistic Zenist, or a Buddhistic theist, or a Zenistic theist, or a nonconforming spiritual engager who is drawn to many religious traditions. I am not very good at choosing just one of anything, really.